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AutoLISP command summary

AutoLISP Functions Common to ADS
Function Handling

AutoLISP Functions Common to ADS

Function Handling
Error Handling
(*error* string)
   Defines an external function (Subr)

Error Handling

(alert) string)
   Prints an error message.

AutoCAD Queries and Commands/h4>

(command {arguments} )
   Executes one or more AutoCAD commands.
(getvar varname)
   Gets the current value of an AutoCAD system variable.
(setvar varname)
   Sets the value of an AutoCAD system variable.
(findfile filename)Searches for a filename
(grtfiled title filename ext flags)
   Prompts the user for a filename via the standard AutoCAD file dialogue box.
(osnap pt mode-string)
   Finds a point via object snap.

Geometric Utilities

(distance pt1 pt2)
   Finds the distance between two points.
(angle pt1 pt2)
   Finds the angle between two lines.
(polar pt angle dist)
   Finds a point via polar coordinates.
(inters pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 {onseg})
   Finds the intersection of two lines.
(textbox elist)
   Returns the diagonal coordinates of a box that encloses a text entity.

User Input

(initget {bits} {string})
   Determines valid user input for the next call to getxxx function.
(getreal {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of a real (floating-point) number.
(getsring {cr} {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of a string.
(getpoint (pt} {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of a point.
(getcorner pt {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of the coroner of a rectangle.
(getdist {pt} {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of a distance.
(getangle {pt} {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of an angle.
(getorient {pt} {prompt})
   Similar to getangle, but takes into account the current value of the ANGBASE system variable.
(getkword {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of a keyword.
(getint {prompt})
   Prompts for user input of an integer.


(rtos number {mode} {precision})
   Prompts a real (floating-point) value as a string.
(distof string {mode})
   Converts a string that displays a real value into a real (floating-point) value.
(angtos angle {mode} {precision})
   Formats an angle as a string.
(cvunit value from to)
   Converts between real-world units.

Coordinate System Transformation

(trans pt from to {disp})
   Translates a point or displacement from one coordinate system to another.

Digitizer Calibration

(tablet code {row1 row2 row3 direction})
   Controls digitizer calibration.
AutoCAD Queries and Commands
Geometric Utilities
User Input
Coordinate System Transfomation
Digitizer Calibration
Display Control
Low-level Graphics
Wild Card Matching
Selection Sets
Entity Handling
Extended Entity Data
Symbol Tables

General Functions

Symbol Handling
Text Strings
List Manipulation
File Handling
ADS Application Handling
Function Handling
Memory Management

ADS Definded AutoLISP Functions

ADS Definded Commands

Programmable Dialog Box Functions


Version differences: AutoLISP is not available in any AutoCAD® light version.


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